EA Exam AI Reports & Analytics

Unlock your potential and achieve EA Exam success with our cutting-edge AI Reports & Analytics, providing personalized insights to optimize your study plan and boost your test performance!

Data is King

Our reports and analytics not only show your performance, but also performance from the entire student body. Review questions, exams, notes, subjects, and domains.

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Revolutionize your EA Exam preparation with our comprehensive AI Reports & Analytics, offering unparalleled insights into your performance and that of the entire student body, while expertly guiding you through questions, exams, notes, subjects, and domains to ensure your ultimate success!

  • Opportunity Questions

    Pinpoint questions you are answering incorrectly for further analysis and review of the explanations, notes, and our AI

  • Exam Review

    We give you the tools to review questions you got wrong or questions you flagged after a full or mini practice exam

  • Manual Notes

    If you take manual notes in the Test Bank or Power Notes you can access them, plus the question, explanation, and our amazing AI

  • Subject Analysis

    Pinpoint your greatest opportunities for investment that will absolutely boost your score and ability to pass on the first try

  • Section Analysis

    Track and see how you stack up to our student body based on the various domains tested in the exam

  • Helpful Filters

    You are in full control to explore questions and subject areas based on the filters you choose

  • Genius AI Tutor

    Our AI knows what you're reviewing, so if you are reading a note or exploring an exam you can ask the Pass Bot for additional support anytime

  • Question Performance

    Review high level question performance to benchmark your progress across each part

  • Dynamic Study Plan

    The system will prepare a dynamic study plan and track your progress against it automatically

  • AI Projected Exam Scores

    AI is constantly reviewing your question performance, mapping it to the exact exam weighting, and forecasting actual exam performance

  • Subject Opportunities

    We identify the low handing fruit so you can invest time in the areas most likely to raise your exam score significantly

  • Exam Performance

    Practice exams are full or mini exams that are scored instantly for your review and analysis

  • Time Performance

    We track everything from total study time to the amount of time your spending per question to ensure maximum performance

  • Community Performance

    How do other students perform? How do you compare? We answer those questions and more to give you better insights than other products

How to Become An Enrolled Agent

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High level data and analytics to give you an edge on the SEE with a dynamic study plan, AI projected exam, score, community performance, and much more.

Comprehensive Enrolled Agent Exam Study Guide 2022-23 (Parts 1-3)

EA Exam Study Guide

Get ready to pass the IRS SEE with the 'Comprehensive Enrolled Agent Exam Study Guide (Parts 1-3).' This complete guide is carefully made for students who want to become an Enrolled Agent (EA) on their first attempt.

Enrolled Agent Practice Exam Free

Test Bank

Over 10,000 questions across exam domains with the ability to attack weak subject areas, review practice exams, and view detailed explanations.

Power Notes

A dynamic combination of flashcards and custom tax code content based on opportunities that will improve your exam performance.

Practice Exams

Full or mini practice exams that area weighted, timed, scored, and built to function exactly the like real thing.

24/7/365 access to our EA AI Tutor

Our ChatGPT AI EA exam tutor is available 24/7/365 to provide instant, genius level assistance. Our Pass Bot consistently scores 100% on practice exams. If you don’t believe us, sign up no for free and ask up to 10 questions.


Pass Rates

We pinpoint strengths and weaknesses to ensure you pass fast or your money back!


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Pass the EA exams fast or your money back!



Carter Harrison,


I passed the EA exams easily. Having access to so many practice questions is a huge advantage. When I passed a mini exam around 80%, I would schedule my exam and pass. Amazing product.


Kate Rogers,


I passed all 3 exams on my first try… I am so happy! The AI tutor was mind blowing. Whenever I was stuck or didn’t understand something, your tax genie always provided the instant learning I needed. Thank you so much!!


Lucas Montgomery,


I purchased a more expensive product and then found this one. I honestly just ended up gravitating to all the practice questions here. The ability to find my weaknesses and then allowing me to drill questions around those weaknesses made a huge difference and saved tons of time. Strongly recommend!!